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Want a quote on how much commission we will charge on your specific home, and free market analysis (comps)?  Fill out the form below and we will email a quote which will show you how much money you will save listing your home for sale with us, over other real estate brokerages. Any city in San Diego County. No pressure. No hassles. No obligation. Just an honest quotation that can't be beat... because we own the company/brokerage and charger what WE want, not the 5% or 6% other brokerages mandate to their reps. We are not "just" independent sales associates/Realtors consulting for a national franchise brand. We own the brokerage. And save you money!

Save thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars selling your

home!  And if you or a family member want to buy a home within 3 years of your home sale, we will give you 50% of the seller-paid commission! For example, on a million dollar house, that is $12,500 paid direct from escrow to your account (we never touch the money). Use it to help with a down payment, or take the cash for other purposes. We are not aware of any brokerage offering such incentives and customer loyalty rewards. And we use the same MLS and same Realtor-approved forms and processes of other brokerages.

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