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La Losta Oaks is home to several neighborhoods. Developers began selling homes in 2004, on the eastern section (east of Ranch Santa Fe Road). La Costa Oaks is not just one developer, or just one neighborhood. In fact, it continues to grow northward. Due to the economic slowdown, the new homes being built are much smaller (i.e., as small as 1,914 square feet, compared to 4,300 square feet on older La Costa Oaks homes).



Currently selling, and will pay us 3% to 4% to represent you on your purchase, which we will share with you as a credit in escrow at your closing to assist with your down payment (we must accompany you to the models on the first visit, generally):








HIGH GROVE:  4 - 5 Bedrooms plus 2nd family room, 3,566 to 4,225 square feet, 3 floorplans


STARBOARD:  4 - 5 Bedrooms, 3,739 to 4,337 square feet, 3 floorplans


STONERIDGE:  3 - 4 Bedrooms, 3,118 to 3,683 square feet, 3 floorplans


HILLOCK:  3- 4 Bedrooms, 3,369 to 3,487 square feet, 3 floorplans


COLRICH:  4 - 5 Bedrooms plus office, 3,911 to 4,721 square feet, 3 floorplans


CLIFTON HEIGHTS:    4 - 5 Bedrooms plus den, 3,535 - 4,180 square feet, 3 plans


COPPERWOOD:  4 - 5 Bedrooms, 3,189 - 3,873 square feet


ROCKLEDGE:  3 - 5 Bedrooms, 1,913 - 2,463 square feet


Streets in La Costa Oaks


La Costa Oaks streets west of Rancho Santa Fe Road:

Circulo Papayo
Calle Conifera
Paseo Capuchina
Sittio Lirio
Camino Junipero
Corte Fresa
Corta Selva
Corte Manzana
Corte Aciano
Corte Brezo
Paseo Lupino

Sitio Frontera

Sitio Corazon

Corte Panorama

Sitio Bahia

Sitio Caliente

Corte Artura

Sitio Colina

Corte Panorama

Corte Fortuna

Sitio Destino

Avenia Parada

La Costa Oaks streets east of Rancho Santa Fe Road:

Sitio Salvia

Corte Romero

Camino Junipero

Camino Cereza

Avenida Maravilla

Sitio Lima Avenue

Circulo Sequoia

Corte Delfinio

Sitio Manana

Calle Palmito

Corte Tomillo

Avenida Amapola

Corte Hortensia

Sitio Algodon




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